Why Choose a Ford from Lucas Auto Group?

When looking for a car truck or SUV, there are many factors to consider, including reliability, comfort, quality of purchase and most importantly, TRUST. Ford vehicles have this reputation. Lucas Ford is happy to tell & show you these benefits. Lucas Ford has an extensive inventory and will show you the benefits of Ford ownership.


Many competitors like, Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Cadillac all have their benefits, but we at Lucas Ford think we are better for more than a few reasons. Ford constantly updates features in models instead of offering the same thing year after year. Quality is something Ford believes strongly in and build their models to suit the individual needs of customers. Ford has a model that fits the needs of every driver looking for a vehicle.Ford models are budget friendly, provide value and last long.


If safety is a concern, Ford makes their vehicles with many options to provide a safe, yet comfortable ride, keeping its' occupants out of harm's way. And better yet, Ford vehicle last much longer than their financing, allowing you to drive them longer with only general maintenance to worry about, saving you money. There is an air of confidence in driving a Ford, knowing you are safe and secure.

The ride is exhilarating, the features are exciting and ahead of the competition. Interior comfort is something Ford believes in and styles their vehicle to give the best of rides with high performance and high tech options. Not only that, Ford has been doing this for decades!.