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Schedule a Ford service appointment at Lucas Ford today to make sure you book a time that's convenient for you. We also offer Ford service specials available to help you get important maintenance and repairs for less. Visit the Lucas Ford service center today for the first-rate auto repairs you deserve!

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Is It Time to Schedule Service for Your Ford?

You depend on your Ford to help you get things done in Burlington, and the best way to keep your vehicle on the road for years to come is by scheduling regular service visits. Contact us to book a service appointment now!

Routine Engine Care

Your Ford's performance while driving around Cherry Hill will improve with regular engine maintenance. A healthy engine can run in peak condition and show improved gas mileage as well. Staying on top of the engine can also aid in warding off expensive repairs with preemptive service.

We'll conduct oil changes and inspections of belts, hoses, gaskets, wires, filter replacements, and fluids. Collectively this will lead to a better driving experience while extending your engine's lifespan.

Tire Maintenance

Tread depth and pressure checks are just the start of good tire care. The last thing you want is a blowout while driving around Philadelphia. Having routine tire rotations and getting a wheel alignment service is a valuable way to avoid uneven tire wear. Well-maintained tires can keep drivers safe on the road.

Brake Repair

Commuting in your Ford? A brake service inspection can be beneficial when making frequent stops around Cherry Hill. Brakes wear down at a unique rate depending on driving style.

Thus, drivers should stay vigilant for changes in performance or failing signs. Often you can hear the brakes telling you it's time for a replacement or inspection.

Long Term Maintenance

Check your Ford owner's manual for ballpark estimates on long-term maintenance items, such as the serpentine or timing belt change. Our technicians should check other parts around the 5,000-7,000 mile range. These include shocks and struts, spark plug inspection, fluid replacement in your transmission, transfer case, and coolant systems.

You trust your Ford truck or SUV to haul things often in Burlington, so give it the aid it needs. Schedule a service appointment online or give us a call today. Don't wait for a problem to occur; stay a step ahead and keep your Ford safe!