At-Home Test Drives and Deliveries

At-Home Ford Test Drives from Lucas Ford

At our Burlington area Lucas Ford dealer, we're committed to making the car buying process as streamlined and painless as possible. That's why we are beginning to offer at-home Ford test drive and purchase deliverie services to our valued customers. 

Looking to Test Drive a New Ford? We'll Bring it to You! 

Finding a vehicle you like online is just the very start of your car shopping experience. Think about it; before getting in the driver's seat of a new car, you would normally have to spend time researching what dealerships are in your area and seeing whether or not they carry that vehicle carrying the exact trim style and color that interest you.  You would then have to spend more valuable time driving to the dealership, and last but not least, speaking with a salesperson about test driving it. With our at-home test drive and delivery service, however, all of these extra steps can be eliminated and you can be greeted by a brand-new Ford without even leaving your driveway! 

We know that the country is currently being faced with an unusual circumstance and that social distancing is more important than ever before, so please; stay home, relax, and let us bring the Ford model of your choice directly to you. Whether it's a Ford F-150, a Ford Escape or Explorer, or any other new or pre-owned model in our inventory, just tell us a time and place and we will be sure to accommodate your needs! 

Learn More From Our Burlington Area Ford Dealer 

We have set a thirty mile radius for free test drives and deliveries at home.  Not only conveniently serving the Burlington, Delran, Columbus and Willingboro areas but if you happen to live in Mount Holly, Hamilton, Langhorne and even Philadelphia, we will be there for you.  Free delivery and test drives to Cherry Hill, Marlton, and Medford are also available.  If you have any questions regarding our at-home Ford test drives or vehicle deliveries, please feel free to contact our Lucas Ford dealer today!  So no matter where you are in the New Jersey / Eastern Pennsylvania area, we are the Ford store nearest to you!  Trenton - you can say that we are the "Ford store near me!"  We are looking forward to seeing you behind the wheel of your dream car in a pressure-free environment - as you should be too! 

And Remember...

For service we can pick your car up and drop it off when it is done!!  Need a loaner?  Call ahead and we can drop it off when we pick up your car or truck.  

Lucas Ford wants to be your Ford Dealer now, and in the years to come!